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Connecting the Polk DBRX sound bar to a TV

How do I connect my new DBRX-1 bar to my TV?
The best way to connetc your Polk DBRX sound bar to your TV is using an HDMI cable.

Most TV’s sold after 2014 feature a dedicated HDMI connection for eARC/ARC (Audio Return Channel).
Follow the steps below for HDMI connection.

Note: If your TV does not have an eARC/ARC HDMI connector, you also have two other options for connection - Optical and Aux.
Procedure to connect your DBRX sound bar to your TV via HDMI cable.
1. - Connect the supplied HDMI cable (or other HDMI 2.0 rated cable) from the HDMI ARC connector on the DBRX Bar to the HDMI connector on your TV labeled (ARC or eARC). This connection is typically color-coded differently from the others to easily identify it.
2. - Using your TV’s remote control, navigate to your TV settings and find the CEC controls (Consumer Electronic Control); you will want to make sure CEC is enabled in your TV. CEC allows your TV to identify an external sound system and for your remote controls to sync automatically. For more information on CEC, refer to your TV’s instruction manual.
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