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Replacing the tweeter in your LSiM Series loudspeaker

How do I replace the tweeter in my LSiM speaker?
To replace the tweeter you'd need a number 2 philips screwdriver (Do not use a drill).
1.    Using your fingers, remove the decorative rubber trim gasket from the face of the tweeter/ mid-woofer assembly. The gasket is friction fitted along the perimeter and adhered with adhesive across its rear surface.
If you cannot remove the gasket with your fingers, you can use a firm plastic edge such as a spatula to pry the gasket out, but be VERY CAREFUL not to mar the cabinet.
2.    Using your screwdriver, remove the 6 flathead screws that secure the assembly to the cabinet and gently remove the assembly from the cabinet.
3.    Using your fingers, or a small pair of needle nose pliers, disconnect the two wires from the terminals of the tweeter.
4.    Remove the 3 small Philips screws attaching the tweeter to the plastic engine assembly to separate the tweeter. 

5.    Carefully install the new tweeter back into the assembly and replace the screws. Be sure to tighten the screws completely by hand and do not over tighten.
6.    Replace the wires onto the terminals of the new tweeter. The positive and negative terminals are different sized FastOn connectors and will only connect to the appropriate terminal of the tweeter/driver. There is no need to worry about the polarity of the connections.
7.    Once the wires are reconnected, carefully install the assembly back into the cabinet and replace the six flat head screws. Be sure to tighten the screws completely by hand and not to over tighten.
8.    Replace the decorative gasket by firmly pressing on the surface of the gasket to re-adhere the gasket to the face of the assembly.
9.    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Polk Audio Technical Support at 800-377-7655 and selecting option 1 from the main menu.
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