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Resetting Signa S4

How do I reset my Polk Signa S4?
Factory Reset
  • A factory reset can be performed at any time (except when in Demo Mode) and will clear all user data and configuration information in the product back to the same state as loaded at the factory.
  • Firmware is not downgraded.
  • This can be used on the production line, as well as by retailers and consumers to restore the unit to default configuration.
To reset the Bar:
  1. Press and hold the Power, Input Source and Volume Up buttons on the Top of the Sound Bar for 5 seconds
  • Numbers 1-4 of Status LED blink red three times.
  • The boot sequence has started.
The following features are reset to their default states:
  • Volume - (Default : 12)
  • Input Source (Default : Polk : HDMI eARC/ARC,   Denon : HDMI)
  • Bass - (Default : 4)
  • Sound Mode (Default : Movie)
  • Auto Standby Mode  (Default : EU : On, Except EU : Off   NA : Off, Except NA : On)
  • Deep Standby Mode (Default : Off  NA : Off, Except NA : On)
  • Learned IR codes are cleared
  • All BT and HDMI information is cleared
  • Demo Mode default values are reset (things that are allowed to be adjusted like sound modes, vol, bass, and voice adjust are reset to their defaults)
  • Custom Demo Mode is reset to the factory defaults
The following features are retained during a Factory Reset:
  • Subwoofer pairing information
  • Current firmware
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