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Primary speaker

What is a primary speaker?

A primary speaker is the speaker that controls playback to all of the other speakers in your wireless setup.

Once inside the Polk Omni app, you will notice that when sending music to your devices, they are grouped into primary and extended speakers.

The DTS Play-Fi software requires that a primary speaker be selected to create a new listening session or zone.

This is designed to maximize synchronization down to one millisecond, thereby eliminating any sound echo that can be found  from other ecosystems.

Our recommendation for your listening environment is to always select the Omni Collection product with the strongest signal. Note, however, that secondary  speakers are connected to your primary speaker. As such, if you disable your primary speaker, any secondary speakers will likewise be temporarily disabled until a primary speakers is once again selected.

Note: When streaming to more than one speaker at a time, your primary speaker should be the one located closest to the router.

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