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Audio formats and file qualities supported

What audio formats and file qualities does my Polk Omni device support?

Supported audio formats and file qualities include:

• .mp3 (MPEG Layer III)
• .m4a
• .aac (Advanced Audio Coding)
• .flac (FreeLossless Audio Codec)
• .wav (Waveform Audio File)

File Quality

•  Up to 24-bit/192kHz. (Ultra-high resolution)

•  If the file format is exactly 24-bit/96KHz, these files will be streamed with bit-perfect accuracy and zero compression.

•  Files up to 16-bit/48kHz (DVD Quality) are streamed with bit perfect accuracy and zero compression. With high resolution files, Polk Omni products downsample the audio, using even integers, to either 16-bit/48kHz or 16-bit/44kHz for transmission. This allows for the most reliable streaming experience over Wi-Fi to multiple speakers.

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