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NAS Drive

What is a NAS drive?

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive is a device that shares a hard drive across your home network. NAS drives are typically used to share files between multiple computers and for home backup. Play Fi supports the same file sharing protocols used by most NAS drives and can access most music files that are shared on the NAS. Some advantages of using a NAS to share your music are:

• Computer-free access to your music library

Even if your computer is turned off, your Play Fi device will still be able to play your favorite music. Never worry about your music stopping because a computer shut off or went to sleep.

• Multiple computer access to a single Music Library

Everyone in your house can store their music on the NAS, no more keeping track of who has what album or song.

• Storage space

NAS drives range from several hundred gigabytes (GB) all the way up to multiple terabytes (TB). If you're running out of space on your computer for music storage, a NAS will give your collection plenty of room to grow.

Note: If your NAS drive is DNLA compatible, please ensure you've enabled DNLA since they sometimes ship from the manufacturer with DNLA disabled. We also recommend using a NAS with DNLA embedded.

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