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Streaming Music to rooms

How do I stream different music to different rooms?

Polk Omni products support streaming different audio to different rooms or zones, directly from the Polk Omni app. So, for example, you can send Pandora downstairs for a dinner party, and keep Radio Disney playing upstairs for the kids.  

Now, to stream music to different rooms, select the first speaker or group of speakers and the music service you want to play.  Once the first "zone" is playing, navigate to the "Connect" page by selecting the orange Play-Fi logo in the bottom right corner.  

From the "Connect" page, select the large "+" button in the top right corner (next to the settings button) and choose "add zone" from the drop down menu. You will then be asked to select speakers and a music service  to play in your new zone.

Zones are identified by the dark grey bar on the screen. If you have more than one speaker playing in a zone, the zone will be labeled by the primary speaker name plus the number of additional speakers playing.

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