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Network capacity of Polk Omni product connection

How many Polk Omni products can I have on my network?

We recommend connecting a maximum of 16 Polk Omni products to your home network. You can certainly add more, but we can’t promise the performance will be as solid as it is with this limit.

You can connect to up to eight Polk Omni products and stream the same song to all of them at once from your phone or tablet.

With the Play-Fi HD PC driver, you can stream the same song to up to four speakers.

A “speaker” on the network can be a stereo pair (Two speakers formed into one). This means you can actually have 16 speakers formed into 8 stereo pairs streaming together.

You can stream audio to up to four zones at once from a single device. Each zone can have up to eight speakers grouped together with each zone streaming from a different audio source from within the Polk Omni app.

Up to eight different people can be streaming different songs to different speakers from different devices at the same time without any interference or congestion.

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