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Polk Omni products compatibility with Wi-Fi range extenders and repeaters

Will my Polk Omni product work with Wi-Fi range extenders and repeaters?

When expanding an existing wireless network, we highly recommend using a Wireless Access Point (WAP). These devices connect directly to your existing router and create a remote “antenna” for your wireless devices to connect to. Unlike a repeater/extender, Wireless Access Points do not use your existing router's bandwidth to function. Instead, they use a separate network name (SSID) with their own bandwidth to establish the wireless connections to your devices. This means no decrease in speed and that all the devices on the network will be able to talk to each other.

However, WAP’s require a direct connection to your router using an Ethernet cable (CAT 5/5e/6). If it is too troublesome to run a wire, a powerline adapter can be used to locate a WAP away from the router. These powerline adapters use your home's existing electrical wiring to connect a network device to your router.

For more information or general performance improvement suggestions, please contact Customer Support at 800-377-7655.

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