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Connection issues

What can cause connection problems?

Sometimes connectivity issues on your Wi-Fi network can cause problems with the performance of Polk Omni products. These include dropouts, when audio playback is interrupted in one or more rooms during a song, stuttering, when a song has small skips while you are listening to it, and lost connections, where a speaker is completely disconnected from the streaming group.

In most instances, these issues are each caused by your Wi-Fi set up, and can be easily fixed with a simple upgrade to your network. Not only will your Polk Omni products work better, your overall experience with Wi-Fi at home should improve quite a bit. 

Here are some specific conditions to check for if you are experiencing connectivity issues:

A - Older routers/crowded network conditions:

• You have a router provided by your Internet Service Provider, or 
• Your router is 802.11g (or lower),or 
• Your router is five years old (or older), or 
• You are using Polk Omni products in an area with many wireless networks nearby, or 
• You are using Polk Omni products in an environment with a lot of wireless devices (like phone systems, earpieces, headphones, or microwaves)

We recommend upgrading to a new router/access point, with 802.11n dual band wireless. The upgrade will improve the performance of all of your streaming activities, not just Polk Omni. Click here for a list of specifications and routers we recommend (link to FAQ that details recommended routers).

B - Large streaming range or difficult streaming environment:

• You live in a larger home, or
• Your Polk Omni products are placed beyond several thick walls or floors

Be sure you have a top quality router, as suggested above. Plus, we recommend adding one or more additional wireless access points to your network. This will extend the range and reliability of your Wi-Fi at home.

C - Building materials that hinder Wi-Fi:

• Your Polk Omni products are in an area with a lot of pipes, metal, tile or water flow

These materials may be interfering with the Wi-Fi signal getting to the speaker, causing dropouts. Try moving the speaker a few feet away from the area.

D - Wireless network extenders aren’t working:

 You are using wireless network extenders at home, and still experiencing performance issues

We recommend wiring the extended access points to your main router.

E - Competing audio products disrupting the network:

• You have another wireless audio system in your home that uses the Wi-Fi network

We recommend disconnecting or unplugging it when your Polk Omni products are in use. Some of these products (like those from Sonos and Samsung) use hubs and network extenders that are not Wi-Fi certified. These products may disrupt normal Wi-Fi traffic even when they are not active.

If you are curious about why these conditions cause problems for your Wi-Fi performance, please call Customer Support at 800-377-7655.

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