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Wi-Fi setup light

What does the Wi-Fi setup light tell me?

No Polk Omni Devices Detected.

If you can’t see or access your speakers within the Polk Omni app, either during set-up or during normal use, check the status of the Wi-Fi light.  

Based on what that light is doing, there are several ways to get the speaker up and running again.

If using a Windows PC to stream, see here for some additional steps you can take if these suggestions don’t help.


If the Polk Omni product is connected via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi light to diagnose the problem. In this instance, try each of the following:

1. Try closing the Polk Omni app and reopening it, or restarting your phone, tablet, or PC and then reopening the app.

2. Double-check that your phone/tablet/PC is connected to the same network as the speaker.

3. Be sure you are not trying to use an Office or Corporate guest network.

4. If it’s your personal network, be sure that you have broadcast forwarding and media sharing enabled on your router / access point (if you’re not sure what these are, contact customer support).

5. Try a Manual Update.

6. Check our Incompatible Router List to see if your model (or similar model) is present and if there is a solution.

7. If using a Windows PC to stream, check the steps in the next section.

8. Contact customer support if none of these steps fix the issue.

If you lose speakers while using the Polk Omni app for Windows PC, try solving the issue based on the status of the Polk Omni product Wi-Fi light. If that does not help, try the following:

1. Change your network type from “Public” to “Home” or “Work”.

2. Enable Network Sharing.

3. Right click the Polk Omni app shortcut, and elect to run it in Administrator mode.

4. Ensure DTS Play-Fi is allowed in your Firewall.

5. Disable any antivirus or security software blocks against Polk Omni.

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