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Wifi Analyzer app

What is a Wifi Analyzer app and would I ever need one?

Sometime you may experience issues that are due to other routers in the Wi-Fi area. You can check to see if there are several other routers in the area with Wifi Analyzer, a free Android app. You can also use this app to find less congested broadcast channels.

Go to the Google Play Store​ or Amazon App Store​ to download and install this application.

Unfortunately Apple IOS does not offer this feature in their operating system at this time.

Once installed, launch the app and go to the location that your Polk Omni device is set up. Find your router's name. If there are several other routers on the same channel then you will need to change your router's broadcast channel. Please feel free to call our Customer Support at 800-377-7655 and we will walk you through the best way to use it.

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