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What if a Polk Omni update fails to upload?

A Polk Omni device update can fail because the Wi-Fi connection between the Polk Omni device, phone, tablet, or PC and router was interrupted, either because of heavy network traffic, an obscured signal, or wireless interference. If the update fails repeatedly, try moving your Polk Omni device and phone, tablet, or PC near your Wi-Fi router during the update.

If you are attempting to update many speakers at once and it appears that an update is particularly lengthy or large based on your first attempt, turn off all of the speakers and then turn just one on at a time to complete the update for each one separately.  

If updates are failing repeatedly at the same point in the process, exit the app, turn your Polk Omni product and the phone, tablet, or PC on and off again, and then try the update procedure again.

If this does not help, you will need to perform a manual update. Contact Customer Support at 800-377-7655 for assistance.

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