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Polk Omni product(s) no longer listed on Polk Omni app

Why is my Polk Omni product(s) no longer listed in the Polk Omni app?

There are some instances where updating the Polk Omni app and/or your Polk Omni product's firmware may cause the the product to disappear from view in the app. If this happens, try the following step first. In many cases this may be all you need to do:

1. Quit the Polk Omni app and then re-launch it. However, if this step does not solve the issue, please try the following:

2. Power off the personal electronic device that controls your Polk Omni product, then turn it back on and relaunch the app.

3. Go into the Settings menu on your personal electronic device and take the steps to "Forget" your Wi-Fi network. Then, re-join your network by entering the appropriate Wi-Fi password.

4. Cycle power your Polk Omni product by unplugging it from your personal electronic device or power outlet. Then, try plugging it back in.

5. Perform a factory reset on your Polk Omni product by going through the setup process on each device

• Hold down the Wi-Fi setup button for 15 seconds until a third set of tones is heard--the first two sets consist of two tones, while the third and final set consist of three tones.

•  After the factory reset, the product will need to be set up on the network again since your Wi-Fi credentials are removed during the factory reset.

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