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Playing music to the primary and other speakers

I'm trying to play music to more than one speaker, but sound is only coming from the primary speaker. What can I do to fix this?

Most likely, a group or stereo pair setting may have been changed. A speaker could have been renamed, dropped off the network and come back online, or the addressing in the router may have changed. Either way, going through speaker setup on more than one speaker can take time and most likely won’t work.

We would suggest power cycling your network in a specific order to reset all of your network connections.

1 - Remove all groups, stereo pairs, Spotify groups, etc.
2 Unplug all Play-Fi speakers and leave them powered OFF
3 - Turn OFF phones/tablets/etc that are running the app (just to be safe)
4 Unplug your router for 30 sec. and then plug back in.
5 - Wait until the router boots all the way back up and then turn ON all phones/tablets/etc.
6 - Plug in all Play-Fi speakers.

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