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Polk Omni app for iOS and Android

Is there a difference between the Polk Omni app for iOS and Android?

For the most part, the apps work exactly the same way, although they are styled to fit with the look of each operating system.

Both Android and iOS apps have the same multi-room, multi-zone and stereo streaming features, and let you control all your Polk Omni products. Plus, the apps are interoperable, so you can use Play-Fi on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows with the same set of speakers on the same home network.

However, please note the following differences between the apps:


 iOS Polk Omni product setup has one extra step 
iOS supports iTunes playlists 
Auto-Reconnect: Found under Advanced Settings. Enabling Auto-Reconnect allows the Polk Omni app to remember and reconnect to the last speakers played before the app the closed


• Pause during a call: Android allows you to pause the music playing through your Polk Omni system when a phone call is received.

 Speaker rename: Found under the Settings icon. You can rename any speaker at any time, however, this option is only available when a Primary speaker is selected 

Spotify icon: Since Spotify uses their own Spotify Connect system, the icon for Spotify is no longer found under the available Source Selections. Instead, the Spotify Connect "links" can be found under the "+" button at the top right corner of the "Connect" page.

 Reset coach points: Found under Advanced Settings. This resets the coaching overlay screens that explain how to use the app.

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