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Omni SB-1 Hook-up

How do I hook up my Omni SB-1?

You likely have many sources for your audio signal: your TV, your DVD player or a cable/satellite box.

The Omni SB1 is able to accept audio from up to two hardwired sources. The simplest approach is to connect the optical audio output from your TV to the optical input on the back of the SB1 bar. This connection will provide the highest quality audio regardless of whether you are watching TV or DVD.

If your TV does not have an optical output, you can use the optical output from your DVD player or your cable/satellite box to connect directly to the optical input on the SB1.

Connecting the Subwoofer                                                                         

The SB1 and its wireless subwoofer are preset at the factory to work together. As such, the SB1 subwoofer automatically receives the wireless signal from the bar. All you need to do is make sure the subwoofer is plugged in and the main power switched to ON.

Note: If the wireless subwoofer stops receiving an audio signal, follow these instructions to re-establish the connection:

1. Turn off the subwoofer’s AC Mains switch.

2. Press and hold the SYNC button on the back of the bar for three seconds.

3. The LED on the back of the bar will blink, indicating that the bar and the subwoofer are ready to be connected.

4. Turn on the subwoofer’s AC Mains switch. When the subwoofer LED turns solid green, the bar and subwoofer are connected and ready to use.

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