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Controlling your Polk Omni SB1 using the Samsung Smart remote control

How do I control my Polk Omni SB1 using the Samsung Smart remote control?

The Samsung F Series remote control does not use infrared (IR) signals like most remote controls. Instead it uses radio frequencies (RF) to control the TV. The TV does come with an IR emitter that connects to the IR out port on the back of the TV. This is how you can can control other devices in your system that use IR signals like the SB1.

1. Connect this emitter to the TV’s IR Out port on the back of the TV.

2. Place the head end in front of the right side of the SB1 where the IR sensor is located.

3. On the Samsung remote go to the TV’s Main Menu.

4. Program the remote for a Samsung Home Theater: 

  • Select System > Device Manager > Universal Remote Control Setup (F-series) 

  • Select System > Universal Remote Control Setup (H-series) 

  • The TV requires that the Samsung emitter is attached to the IR Out to continue 

  • Then select Start > Home Theater > Select Samsung as the brand 

  • Choose Optical for the connection type 

  • Run the function test and just say Yes it worked (nothing will have changed) 

  • Exit

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