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Swimmer Jr is not turning on

Why doesn't my Swimmer Jr / Duo turn on?

Important Notification


This speaker comes in Battery Protection Mode. To turn on, press and hold the power button until an audible cue is heard and a blue LED begins to flash every two seconds.



Note: If the speaker does not turn on, follow the procedure below:


1 - Charge speaker for 3 hours.

2 - Unplug large USB end of power cord and wait 30 seconds.

3 - Press and hold the "Power" button and while holding the button, re-insert the large USB end into the power source (Continue to hold the "Power" button until the blue LED begins to flash).


If the speaker still does not turn on, perform a factory "Reset"

To reset:


1 - Press the "+/-" buttons at the same time for about eight seconds.




     • An audible cue will be heard after three seconds, followed by the LEDs flashing blue and red after about eight seconds.

     • You will notice the LED indicator flashing every two seconds and waiting to be discovered and paired in Bluetooth mode afterwards.


If the speaker still does not turn on, call Polk customer Service at 800-377-7655.


NOTE: We recommend charging your speaker periodically if not used often.


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