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Wi-Fi not working

Why after trying several suggestions, my Wi-Fi still is not working?

If you have tried to setup your Polk MagniFi Max SR several times and failed and you are confident it is not due to a weak Wi-Fi signal, do the following before starting the Google Home setup process again:


1 - Close the Google Home app and reset the sound bar by pressing and holding down the reset button for approx. 15 seconds

•  You should hear XX tones.

2 - Try the setup process again. If you have a strong signal and you have reset the sound bar and the problem persists, it may be a router issue.

•  Keep in mind that your MagniFi MAX is compatible with all routers that are Wi-Fi certified and meet Wi-Fi standards.

•  Uncertified routers may cause problems for your sound bar. While all certified routers should work, for the optimal Wi-Fi experience,   we recommend using a router that is rated at least “N600.” This designation means the router supports 802.11n dual band with a speed of 300Mbps on each band.

•  In addition, you might want to check if your routers firmware is up-to-date.

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