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Connection of MagniFi MAX/ MagniFi MAX SR to TVs without HDMI or Optical output

How can I connect the sound bar to my TV, which doesn’t have HDMI or Optical output?

If your TV does not have an HDMI ARC, HDMI or Optical output, you can connect the sound bar to the TV using the included 3.5mm analog AUX cable.


1 - Connect the included AUX cable between your TV’s audio output and the AUX input on the back of the sound bar.



2 - Select AUX on the sound bar remote control.



3 - Turn up the volume and make sure you hear sound from the sound bar.



4 - Turn off the TV’s speakers using the TV’s Settings menu under “audio” or “speakers”.


Note 1: Newer TVs normally have a setup menu item for turning off speakers. Older TVs may have a speaker on/off switch on the rear panel near the audio output connectors.

Note 2: If the TV does not have a menu setting for turning off the internal speakers, exit the audio menu and reduce the TV volume to its lowest setting.

Note 3: Using the analog AUX input does not support Dolby 5.1 and DTS audio decoding.

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