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Ensuring the best sound for TV and movies

How to ensure the best sound for TV or movies?

Set the sound bar to "Movie Mode" (Night mode will reduce bass and overall fidelty).

Place the subwoofer within 10ft of the sound bar on the same wall as the sound bar (not in a cabinet).

Make sure the front of the sound bar (part facing you) is not blocked, covered, angled-pointing downward, placed behind the TV or at back of a credenz or table. Ideally, the sound bar should be at the same height as your shoulders when seated.

Note: Seating position will impact your listening experience. Ideally, in front of the bar approximately 8 to 12ft away. Moving more than 6ft off-center could result in a loss of imaging and sonic detail.

Verify that bass and voice settings are at default levels for higher based personal taste.

Note: LED should be green for Dolby or Yellow for DTS when viewing Dobly or DTS encoded content.

Check your source. YouTube content and some streaming content may not be encoded properly to 5.1 content. Sometime, streaming content will say it is 5.1 but only the left and right channel are populated with sound. The consequence is the sound bar is looking for five channels but only getting two. This can result in no center (dialogue), recessed or diminutive dialogue, or a lack of virtual surround sound.

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