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Command Bar / React Bar Troubleshooting Flowchart

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Clearing all learned IR codes:
Press and hold the mic button on the bar for 10 seconds.
I don't hear sound from ny subwoofer?
Confirm it is plug in and paired to the bar. The solid green LED on the subwoofer will confirm this. If it is flashing green, then it will need to be paired to the bar.
Synching the subwoofer to the bar:
Press and hold Sync button on the back of the bar until you hear Entering subwoofer pairing mode. Then release the Synch button and it wil flash green.
Go to te back of the subwoofer and press the Sync button until the LED light goes solid green.
Listening to Spotify Connect:
1) Connect your Command bar to your Wi-Fi network.
2) Open Spotify app on your phone or tablet using the same Wi-Fi network.
3) Play a song and select Devices available.
4) Select your Polk Command Bar abd start enjoying the music.

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