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Omni SB1/Omni SB1 Plus reset procedures

How do I reset my Omni SB1 sound bar?
How do I reset my Omni SB1 Plus sound bar?
There are 4 types of resets for your Omni SB1 and Omni SB1 Plus sound bars. 

1. Wi-Fi Reset:
This type of reset only erases the existing Wi-Fi network credentials in the bar. You should use this option if you need to setup your sound bar on a different network or incorrectly entered he Wi-Fi credentials during setup. 

Press and Hold the Wi-Fi Setup button on the back of the bar until you hear two separate sets of chimes about 8-10 seconds.

2. Reboot:
A reboot simply erases the cache and reboots the bar to a normal state. No Settings, IR commands, or Wi-Fi credentials are erased when you reboot. Rebooting the bar is suggested as the first method of troubleshooting. 

With the bar powered ON, press and hold the POWER button on the top of the bar for 10 seconds until ALL lights on the front go out completely. Wait for the bar to reboot before turning back on.  

3. Erasing Learned IR Codes:
This is used to erase any IR codes that have been previously learned. Use if you changed TV’s or entered incorrect codes.

With the bar ON, Press and Hold the Source button (2nd button from Left on the top of the bar) for 10 sec. until you hear the second set of chimes. 

4. Factory Reset:
Used to reset all settings stored in the bar, and return the bar to factory default. *Note: Wi-Fi Credentials, Learned IR codes, and other internal settings will be erased.

With the bar ON, press and hold the Wi-Fi Setup button on the bottom of the bar until you hear 3 separate and distince sets of chimes (about 15 seconds). Once the reset process is complete, the Wi-Fi Setup LED sill slowly pulse white indicating the bar has been returned to Setup Mode. 

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