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Polk Legend Series Tweeter Removal

How do I remove the tweeter from a Polk Legend Series speaker without damaging the front baffle?
How do I remove the panel around the tweeter?
To remove the tweeter, you must first remove the panel around it.
There is double sided tape that holds the panel to the tweeter, so some force will be needed to remove the panel. To avoid any damages to the front baffle, you will need a strong magnet to pull the faceplate.  
There are 2 internal magnets located on the right and left sides of the tweeter (See image below).
Place the magnet on any of these 2 areas and pull the thin plastic cover far enough away from the baffle so you can get your fingernail or a thin tool in the panel’s edge (By the corner), and peel away the cover.
Note: You might want to place the magnet in a cloth to protect the panel.
From this point on, it should be easy to remove.

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