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Issues with my Command Bar / React Bar’s voice response

I’m having issues with my Command Bar or React Bar’s voice response.
Is my Bar connected to my network and the internet?  
If you are experiencing issues with your Command Bar’s voice commands, or are questioning if the bar is connected to your network, we recommend first verifying that the bar is online and connected to the internet.
*If there is a network issue, the bar MAY NOT show in the Polk Connect App but is still connected to the network/internet.
To verify, we recommend downloading a free app called “FING.” “FING” scans your network and will tell you what devices are currently online, and which ones are not. FING is a free download and available in the Google Play and iOS App Stores. 
If your Command Bar is connected, then it will show as an active device with a green circle on the device icon. 

If your Command Bar is OFFLINE, then it will show at the bottom of the device list, and greyed out.

We would first recommend to power cycle the bar to see if a connection can be reestablished. If this does not work, Factory Reset your Command Bar by pressing/holding the Vol Down and Mic Mute buttons simultaneously until the bar announces that it is resetting. Continue with setup in the Polk Connect App.
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